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January 25, 2010
ALL right.

As you may have already suspected, I haven’t a clue as to what I’m doing here, but wanted to claim the name for myself since I can’t think of anything better and, well, “you know”.Despite many urgings by my overwhelmed email correspondents over the years I have resisted starting my own blog but have finally decided to give ’em a break. But I truly hate not knowing how to proceed! Objects in mind include:

1. ask for help: I’ll be emailing this heart-wrenching plea to any friends I might have left, and then see about tutorials.

2. Yes, books are the main focus of my life and I hope to post reviews and info bits “soonish”. Yeah. don’t hold yer breath.

3. And about other pix, will post those that look good to me, as soon as I figure out the protocol for attributing, or not. All readers herewith be notified: If you recognize a pix or graphic as definitely yours, let me know, and I’ll either attribute it or remove it, whichever is best by us both. Yes, I need to read Creative Commons rules first too…

But now I’m off to pick the brains of my far more blog-savvy friends <g>

affectionately, Abbey